Growth & Development

As the population continues to grow in the Metro Area, Golden is facing increasing pressure to allow development. I’ve spoken with many citizens who feel excluded or ignored during the development process. Our 0.9% growth limit can sometimes feel like it doesn’t exist with all the new builds we see around town. Golden's unique character is inherent in so many aspects of town despite the various changes that have taken place over the past few years. Change and development are inevitable for any community. I believe we can protect our history, character, and community values from unthoughtful development and unchecked growth through increased citizen input and City accountability.

As a member of City Council, I would strive to make the development process transparent and fair by doing more to ensure the public is informed about pending projects, that they are given the opportunity to be heard, and that decisions reflect the values of our community and align with Neighborhood Plans. In addition, development and redevelopment need to be carefully planned to protect our environment, our history, our culture and the character of our town in a sustainable way.

I am committed to strengthening Golden’s unique character through growth and change that respects our community values. I applaud the short-term moratorium on major projects in Golden’s zone districts and the city code revisions to better align development and redevelopment with the community vision. This is just the start of reviewing and revising other city codes that may be outdated.

Open Space

From tree lined neighborhoods, to deer and elk out our windows, to our distinctive vistas, our natural environment is something we hold dear. Golden is woven with the natural beauty of open space, as well as several natural areas and corridors within our community that keep us connected. Our open space is one of our greatest assets. It must be protected and used appropriately in order to be sustained for generations of all the diverse visitors. Citizens have made it clear to me that our open space must be preserved, protected and used appropriately by all.

I would work to ensure Open Space is a priority for City Council, that our Comprehensive Plan defines open space, it’s uses, management and protection, and that we create a Master Plan specifically for Open Space. It is time to provide consistent guidance for protecting, preserving, and managing the use and future use of our open space areas and corridors that can only be upheld with an Open Space Master Plan. Our open space contains valuable natural resources like wildlife, wetlands, and scenic geological and archeological areas and is vital to our community character. We need to continue to protect and maintain our parks, trails and open space for the future.


Transparency & Accountability

Healthy government is the voice of the people and requires consistent communication. Whether the conversations are challenging or supportive, the community must be engaged with City projects and decisions throughout the process from start to finish. The Golden Vision 2030 was an undertaking by the citizens of Golden that provides a philosophical and policy framework for other planning documents which has been underutilized in its implementation. Citizens were assured a voice in the room and an opportunity to proactively stay engaged.

It is the responsibility of government to be accountable to its citizens through accountability and transparency. I want to be the representative voice of South Golden. I want to provide a voice for voters on the issues they care most about. When we have difficulty agreeing on an issue, I would work to find a common-ground solution. I intend to maintain an open line of regular communication with constituents and the community. As a city council member, I will make every effort to be the voice of our community and assure we follow the 2030 framework.