Supporters from our Golden community.

"Kim’s dedication to our Golden community has been so important to our town, our schools, District 1, and our neighborhoods. She has thoughtful ideas, an ability to listen, organizational skills, and follow-up energy. Just as an example, participants, volunteers, and spectators of the Golden Gallop fundraiser have all witnessed her ability to shape community success." - Marjorie Sloan, Mayor of Golden

"SJK is pleased to endorse Kimberly Brock for Golden City Council, District 1!" - Support Jeffco Kids

"The GGGL Board of Trustees endorse Kim Brock for District 1 City Councilor. A majority of the GGGL Board feels that Kim Brock's mix of passion for serving Golden and long-term community involvement, especially with Jeffco Schools, gives her the best background and perspective for making decisions as District 1 Councilor." - GGGL Board of Trustees

"Marv Kay, one of Golden's most respected and well-known Mayors, supports Kim Brock for Golden City Council-District 1."

"In this local election, I am proud to support Kim Brock for Golden City Council-District 1. Kim has served as my President for the GHS Football Boosters and has not only been supportive of me and my staff, she has been dedicated, and hardworking for the players and their families. She has a passion for serving her community, she is dependable and I can always count on her word to hold true. If you live in Golden-District 1, Vote for Kim Brock. #voteBrock#District1" - Coach Yano (Jared Yannacito) Head Coach, GHS Demon Football Team

"I support Kim Brock for City Councilor because she already has an enormous amount of firsthand experience with local government and has a deep understanding of our community - our issues and needs. Her work with the Golden Schools Foundation has made a huge impact on our community. She is extremely hard-working, ethical, responsive and gets good things done." - Julie Bartos, 25 year Golden Resident

Kelly Johnson, Board Chair, Jeffco PEN; Education Advocate

Cindy Pearson, Owner, Golden Tutoring and Enrichment

Tricia Chang, Golden Resident

Valerie Gomez, Golden Resident

Kathleen and Todd Fuller, Golden Residents

Vicki Wagner, Golden Resident

Dick Sargent, Golden Resident

Helen Feiner, Golden Resident

Patrick and Lisa Vitry, Golden Residents

"That is actually great news Kim. I know that you are truthful and passionate about bringing good change and creating a better environment for everyone." - Begonia Ruiz, Golden Resident

Karin Blanchard, Golden Resident

Caroline Blair, Golden Resident

Kelly Leatherwood, Golden Resident

Michele Cummings, Golden Resident

Susan Schrank, Golden Resident

Ann Norton, Golden Resident

Jonathan Storer, Golden Resident

Luke Storer, Golden Resident

Kristen Kosnak, Golden Resident

Katalin Wishart, Golden Resident Beverly Heights

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing Kim Brock since Fall of 2015 working together on the Golden Schools Foundation (GSF) and the Golden Gallop. Not only does she dedicate her time and energy to achieving the goals of the Foundation, but she energizes those around her to do the same. I support Kim for City Councilor." - Kaye Becker, Golden Resident

Coco Burget, Golden Resident

Deborah South, Golden Resident

Kirsten Ferguson, Golden Resident

Carol Hruby, Golden Resident

Deborah Greene, Golden Resident

Marlain and Bret Poole, Golden Residents

Traci Lacey, Golden Resident

Mary Ann Blumenthal, Golden Resident

John Jenkins, Golden Resident

Pamela Brennan, Golden Resident

Amy & Chad Hume, Golden Residents

Jerry Brock, Golden Business Owner

Courtesy: Amy Hume
Courtesy: Amy Hume